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Online platform "Investor Meet Company" hosts ARES Strategic Mining Inc. in a series of streamed events, with Summit planned for July 2024

ARES Strategic Mining Inc. is midway through a 3-month campaign initiative to drive further investments to the Company through targeted marketing, fueling its growth trajectory and bolstering market presence. A momentous Summit is in the works for July 2024 following the conclusion of the campaign.

"Meet the CEO" Live Events

A live streamed event called "Meet the CEO" was held on the Investor Meet platform on April 11, 2024, an inaugural event part of a planned series across March, April, and May. Invitations are sent to new contacts that join the ARES' database during the campaign months, but all are welcome to attend. Invitations for the next event will be sent to all ARES' subscribers, so be sure to sign up to receive the latest news.

During the live events, CEO James Walker speaks on the history of the Lost Sheep Mine, discusses global fluorspar trends, and answers questions submitted by attendees. The goal is to engage with potential investors, reinforcing ARES' position as a frontrunner in fluorspar mining, and offering a compelling proposition for sustainable returns.

A recording of the April 11, 2024 event is available to watch below:

Upcoming Summit

In July 2024, a key Summit will be led by CEO James Walker for all new, existing and potential investors within the ARES' database, featuring a new Company outlook video on what to expect for the second half of 2024. More details are to follow, including how to register to attend the Summit. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for ARES' newsletters to stay up to date with current news and events.

Looking ahead, ARES remains committed to driving investment momentum, building strategic partnerships, and delivering value to its shareholders.


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