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ARES Strategic Mining Inc. owns the only permitted fluorspar mine in the US and is focused on returning fluorspar manufacturing to North America.


To be the leading fluorspar mining company in North America.

Return fluorspar manufacturing to North America.

In 2023, Fluorspar remains the only non-metallic Critical Mineral 100% imported into the US, with the majority of fluorspar imported from Mexico. The US fluorspar supply chain is so strained, that the US Government deems the mineral as "critical to U.S. national security and the economy".

Discover what ARES Strategic Mining is doing to turn that around. 

ARES Lost Sheep Mine


ARES Strategic Mining owns the only permitted fluorspar mine in the US - the Lost Sheep Mine in western Utah. The company holds 100% interest in the mine, which consists of 353 claims and covers an area of approximately 5,982 acres.

As a publicly traded company, we are committed to the exploration, production, and supply of fluorspar, and to our shareholders. 

ARES is a well supported company and financially backed by the US Government. ARES also has strategic partnerships with major international fluorspar producers, giving the company access to technology, proceedings information, market information, and engineering expertise.


We are an innovative company, already in possession of plants, industrial land, infrastructure, buildings, transport, and top personnel. We represent a rare occurrence of a company with no domestic competition, within its industrial space.


Our team is a highly technical and synergetic group, with decades of experience in delivering expert company management, quality industrial products and excellent shareholder value. Our key team members are as follows:


2019 Nov

Fluorspar project identified

2019 Dec

Company stakes entire district

2020 Jan

ARES created, purchases permitted Lost Sheep Fluorspar Mine

2020 Feb

ARES lists on the TSXV

2020 Mar

ARES enters strategic partnership with the Mujim Group

2020 Apr

ARES commences drilling

2020 Jun

ARES uplists to OTC

2020 Sep

ARES commences second drilling program

2020 Oct

Claims expanded and Spor Mountain project becomes district scale

2020 Dec

ARES completes flotation plant design

2021 Jan

Metallurgical work completes

2021 Feb

ARES purchases lumps metallurgical plant

2021 May

ARES completes geophysics across Spor Mountain

2021 Jul

ARES moves to CSE from TSXV

2021 Sep

ARES completes mine plan

2021 Nov

ARES completes large scale mapping exercise of Spor Mountain

2021 Dec

ARES purchases structural steel for construction

2022 Apr

Steel and equipment arrive in Utah

2022 Jun

ARES completes geophysical work on project

2022 Aug

ARES receives unconditional loan commitment from Federal Government

2023 Jan

ARES awarded $10M USD manufacturing bond

2023 Mar

ARES closes USDA Loan

2023 Mar

ARES closes USDA Loan

2023 Apr

ARES completes purchase of 48 acre industrial estate, and completes rail spur construction

2023 May

ARES delivers its plant and steel to new industrial site

2023 Jul

ARES completes tailings dam concept work and purchases further manufacturing equipment for lumps operation


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