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Are You Investing
in Critical Minerals?

Fluorspar is a little known, but widely used critical mineral.  It's used in everything from steel production to lithium-ion batteries. In fact, fluorspar is vital to our modern lives. 


Despite growing US demand for fluorspar, did you know that every ounce used in our industries is currently imported, from countries like China and Mexico?


We're changing that.



ARES Strategic Mining will be the leading fluorspar mining company in the USA.

ARES owns the only permitted fluorspar mine in the US. With the financial backing of the US Government, we are shifting from being an exploration company into being a manufacturing company. 

What is fluorspar?


Fluorspar is the commercial name for the naturally occurring mineral fluorite, composed of calcium and fluorine. Fluorspar is the predominant commercial source for the chemical element fluorine - a non-metallic element and the lightest of the halogens, therefore largely irreplaceable in its use. It has a huge list of applications, including steel production, refrigeration, cement, glass, and lithium-ion battery production. There are two principal commercial grades of fluorspar: metallurgical grade (60-96% CaF2) and acid grade (+97% CaF2). ARES is currently set up its operations to produce both grades of fluorspar. 


We're bringing fluorspar back to North America.

ARES is answering domestic demand for fluorspar, with its very own domestic supply. Our manufacturing operation is well underway at the Lost Sheep Mountain project in Delta, UTAH.

What does the fluorspar market currently look like?

  • Global Fluorspar market size is valued at US$2 billion in 2022

  • Global Revenues to expected to exceed US$4 billion by 2024

  • Asia Pacific owns 74.7% share of market in 2022

  • China has turned from a net exporter to a net importer due to surging demand

  • Mexico and Vietnam continue to be net exporters

  • USA reliant on imports

  • In 2022, U.S. Government classified fluorspar as both a strategic and critical metal

  • Fluorspar’s classification as a Critical Mineral in the United States translates to a faster permitting period, enabling mining operations to initiate more quickly than for conventional minerals


Who is ARES Strategic Mining?

A publicly traded junior mining company

A team of fluorspar, mining, financial & engineering experts

Financially backed by both Federal & State government 

Headquartered in Vancouver
Operating in Utah


How does ARES look as an investment?

2023 Company Highlights
  • $10.5m Bond Financing from State of Utah secured

  • $4.5m USDA Loan closes

  • Purchase of 50 acre industrial site in close proximity to Lost Sheep Mine, in Delta, Utah

  • Planning Approval for Plant construction granted

  • Conveyor belt system purchased

  • Construction of Lumps Plant commenced

  • Flotation Plant purchased 

  • Mine Site development commenced

  • Rail spur completed for distribution of future product

  • Additional rare earth minerals found on Lost Sheep Mine site

2024 Company Outlook
  • Earthworks, drilling and mine commissioning underway with Provo Mining, to provide ore for processing

  • Construction of Lumps plant and upgrading of facilities underway with SFC Tech  

  • Arrival of Flotation plant expected within first half of 2024, with construction completion scheduled for Q4, 2024

  • ARES expects first revenue into the Company from secured Sales Contracts 


You can join our journey by investing in our company today.

ARES Strategic Mining is a publicly traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE: ARS), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA: N8I1), and the OTC market (OTC: ARSMF).  


We'll send you our Investor Pack & company updates.


James Walker, CEO

"ARES is a rare opportunity to be part of an early stage company that is returning an entire industry to the United States. We remain the only company actively building the infrastructure and operations to supply U.S. manufactured fluorspar products for the first time in two decades. We welcome investor support and will continue to work hard to provide shareholder value. Thank you for your interest in our company."
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