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About Us

Westech is a global resource engineering firm with the experience and expertise to offer our clients holistic technical solutions for natural resource projects encompassing the entire value chain from extraction to sale. 


Our depth of expertise allows us to offer our clients a wide range of engineering solutions covering their needs over the entire life cycle from EPC or EPCM project construction to ongoing improvement review, maintenance and optimisation. 


We offer unique world class products and services tailored to our client’s needs that are reliable, safe and innovative design whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness and financial feasibility. 

​​Mine Design and Development 

Westech provides its clients with full engineering, procurement, construction management, and construction solutions for asset expansion, optimization, refurbishment, mine development, and process development. 


Westech is skilled in identifying the hidden potential of projects at the early exploration stage and developing mines that deliver significant production value. Our senior management has over four decades of experience in successfully building, owning, and operating mines worldwide. 


Given our familiarity with all levels of management, we have employed an experienced staff of engineers, metallurgists, geologists, environmentalists, schedulers, and procurement specialists. Senior management oversees all aspects of the design, construction and maintenance to guarantee quality and mitigate any project risk. 


Westech is able to offer clients a range of flexible options, including EPC or EPCM. We have built a deep network of major integrated subcontractors and suppliers that support us in delivering large scale projects within shorter timeframes. 

Other major mining and development services: 

  • Open-pit mining

  • Ice Plant Construction

  • Refrigeration and Ventilation Systems

  • Sinking Shafts

  • Winder supply and commission 

  • Process Control 

  • Permitting & Licensing

  • Stakeholder Engagement 

Mine design and development

Process Engineering

We facilitate metallurgical upgrades and the procurement and installation of mine winders and boilers. 


We have expertise in designing and building, mill ends, tailing dams, crushers, and flotation plants across a spectrum of minerals including, gold, lead, copper, uranium, zinc, tungsten, and molybdenum.


We specialize in the underground design, decline, mine shafts, and hoisting. We have operated mines between 900 3600 meters deep with supporting refrigeration and ventilation systems. Due to the large size of the projects, Westech undertakes, our team has the capacity to design and deliver solar, gas or diesel power stations to carry the industrial load. 


Scope, variability, team management, flowsheet, and layout design

Full procurement ability- as an experienced operator and designer the equipment is fit for purposes. 


We have the full design capability to carry out feasibility under JORC or NI403- 101. Westech plans drilling programs targeted for feasibility to reduce costs, develop the resource, and deliver market-ready financial modeling. ​

  • Geology Survey & Sampling

  • Metallurgical Test Work and Scope

process engineering

Contact Us

Governor Phillip Tower, Level 36/1 Farrer Pl, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia  Tel: 123-456-7890

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